Your residence serves as collateral for your home mortgage. This implies that if you do not afford the mortgage, they have the right to repossess your home. Foreclosure is the process through which they steal your home.

If you have fallen far behind your obligations, you must move quickly to avoid foreclosure.

What do I do if my house payment is late?

Please contact your lender. The majority of lenders really don’t want you to sell your house. Tell them why your payments are late. Request that they cooperate with you to get your transactions processed.

Letters from your loan institution should not be overlooked. Inform them that you’ve received their letters and would like to collaborate with them.

How can your lender assist you?

Your loan provider may accept a payment plan for the late payments or extend the period you have to repay the debt.

What if my creditor refuses to assist me?

You have options left.

Contact a different loan institution. Inquire whether they will provide you with a fresh personal loan off your old one.

Sell your property. You may be able to pay off the debt and even have money left over from the sale of your home. This is where Devine Elevation can help you prevent foreclosure. Contact us today to explore this option.

Contact with a legal professional. Ask if declaring bankruptcy will help you manage your home.

The process of foreclosure

When you receive a Notice of Default in the mail, foreclosure begins. You have not made your payments, according to the Notice of Default. It also tells you how much you owe in late fines and foreclosure fees for missed payments.

You have three months to pay the back payments and fees after the Notice of Default is tape-recorded. The date the notice was tape-recorded may be seen on the first page next to the words “tape-recorded on.” If you pay the amount on the Notice of Default, the lending institution will not sell your home.

When may they make an offer on my house?

If you do not make the required payments within three months, your lender may sell your home. Your loan provider is required to send you a Notice of Sale.

How can I stop my house from being sold?

You have up to 15 days before the sale date to pay the total amount owed, including charges.

If you wait until the last five days before the sale, you will have to pay the entire loan amount.

The lending institution shall tape-record a Warning of Rescission when you pay. This indicates that the transaction has been canceled.

Be wary of con artists!

Avoid those who promise to help you avoid foreclosure by transferring title to your home. Even if you no longer own the residence, you are still responsible for the debt. For your home mortgage payments, your loan provider uses your home as collateral.

Consider your options and who you’re requesting.

The Devine Elevations can help you with your foreclosure situation. We can assist you manage your stress and provide additional information on how to get out of it. We make it simple. There are no hassles or fixes! We handle everything with professionalism and efficiency. You are not alone. Please go to this link and fill out the contact form for a no obligation consultation.

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