Are you a visitor, traveling nurse, traveling doctor, airplane crew, traveling manager or executive? If so, take a look at the top 4 reasons to decide and avoid the hotel for corporate housing. 

  1. Home away from home: Furnished Corporate housing or condos, also known as short term rentals, business housing and extended stay hotels; give traveling managers and executives somewhere to live rather than just a place to stay. Hotels are, for the most part, impersonal and do not feel like a home. Your privacy is limited. However with a high-end short term rental you can make it your own, cook, and feel more at home. This fact makes a more enjoyable stay.
  1. Lifestyle Advantages, Freedom, and More Space: A hotel room can cramp your style. You don’t have a microwave, kitchenette, and are forced to select food from the predetermined menu available at the hotel. However a high-end serviced apartment or condo lets you live how you want to. You have the freedom to shop at your local Whole Foods or the grocery store you prefer and prepare the food that you have a taste for. When you are traveling and having back to back meetings, it is nice to unwind and cook. According to Dana Farber Cancer Institute, cooking is very therapeutic and reduces stress. Although a furnished corporate apartment is not home, cooking in the kitchen in peace is very similar to cooking in your own home and has immense mental and physical benefits. In addition to having your own kitchen, with a furnished short term rental you only have one location to go to for living, sleeping, eating, and unwinding. If you are staying at a hotel, this is difficult to do in a hotel room, with its limited space, and public common areas and bars. 
  1.  Ideal for Business Travelers: For visitors who are relocating, dealing with a contract, executives on a brief visit or colleagues traveling together, a high-end serviced apartment or condo is best. Preventing the “hotel feel” and delighting in features such as broadband, flat panel TV, digital or cable channels and a totally fitted kitchen at an all-inclusive price, service travelers experience a remarkable stay. 
  1. Save Money: Corporate houses are great financially in addition to lifestyle decisions. Rates are per apartment or condo and not per person so there can be considerable monetary cost savings from showing associates. Luxury serviced houses include totally equipped cooking areas, eliminating the need to eat out all the time. 

In conclusion, the first couple of weeks or months in a brand-new nation or city can be difficult and disorienting. An executive rental or corporate housing with the space and facilities of a house will help to smooth that adjustment is significantly recognised as an enlightened investment that pays back in inspiration and effectiveness.

Executive Rentals or condos, also known as short term rentals, business real estate and extended stay hotels provide visitors somewhere to live rather than just a place to stay. Hotels are, for the a lot of part, impersonal in feel but a luxury serviced house ends up being a house – making for a more satisfying stay.

A hotel room can constrain your design but a luxury serviced house lets you entertain the method you desire to.– For visitors who are relocating, working on a contract, executives on a short trip or coworkers traveling together, fully furnished corporate housing is ideal. Not sure where to start, or just need help to find your next corporate apartment or short term rental, please request a time to chat today.

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